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hydraulic breaker, hydraulic hammer, rock breaker

key to demolition business - akb

Nowadays the hydraulic hammer technology reaches to its peak, and more people can come into this industry. But it does not mean all of them are capable of applying such technology and still some of real specialists can see the core of technology.

AKB hammers are born with specialized artisan and all the processes of manufacturing are highly controlled. The materials are selected by highest standard and ALL-KOR’s craftsman secure quality products to be delivered.

AKB hammers will be the tools to break through your competitors Prepare for the better future for demolition business

hydraulic breaker, hydraulic hammer, rock breaker
hydraulic breaker, hydraulic hammer, rock breaker

challenger to new way


AKB hydraulic breakers has started two types of system, separately for small-compact and medium-large class, and we tested new way of breaking systems.


Simple but powerful, we applied this idea to large – super class and make a great success.


Our challenge to new way will continue, and it will secure the competitiveness of our partners, and ALL-KOR together.

Your Success Our Priority

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